About JP

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JP Schoeffel is an online entrepreneur for now 10 years. He is operating a Marketing  company (consulting), a Publishing company (books, ebooks, video trainings) and a Software development company. He has helped tens of thousands of webmasters and online marketers to get started and make money online in the last few years. He has published and sold books, ebooks, scripts, softwares, niche websites (700,000 units sold in the last few years) and created some breakthrough technology via his Saas (software as a service) to better serve his  customers over the world. He is an established affiliate marketer who has partnered with the most acclaimed Internet Marketer.  He is known as the “Traffic guy” people turn to when they want to increase their traffic quickly. He is also responsible for several 6-figure launches (for his own products as well as an affiliate able to push 6-figures in sales during a given launch)  He is also helping startups and established companies to define their positioning, business models, to manage their product launches, improve their lead generation and sales funnel strategies, raise funds and implement their road to market in a profitable way.

JP offers an Accelerated Consulting Program to Entrepreneurs and Companies willing to launch their products. His latest products and services are:

Zonterest, a breakthrough Amazon Associates System: http://Zonterest.com

FeedbackHQ, a new way to drive Innovation back into companies: http://Feedbackhq.com

Creative Niche Manager, a full blown niche marketing platform to help companies Create, Manage & Monetize their virtual real estate: http://CreativeNicheManager.com



You can contact JP at: imssarl [at| gmail . com